5 Most Influential Classic Rock Bands

5 Most Influential Classic Rock Bands

What is classic rock?

Before I start discussing about the most influential classic rock bands, I want to clear the confusion revolving around what this genre is in the first place. As a rock music lover and mainly this genre, I am conscious of the difference of the classic rock from other types of rock music.

Classic rock is a music genre that is a combination of a specific guitar driven sound in form of rock with a certain time era. Classic rock began in in the early 60’s and ended in the early 80’s.This genre began with rock ‘n’ roll bands like Rolling Stones, The Beatles to Led Zeppelin.  However the classic rock genre did not stop in the eighties, there are classic rock bands today that produce the same style of the original era.

I guess you are not yet sure which are classic rock bands yet by now so I’ll give you the five most influential classic rock bands.  After listening to their music you can familiarize with the identifying component of the genre.

1.The Beatles

Formed in 1960 The Beatles consisted of George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and John Lennon. Even someone in the deepest part of this planet knows at least one of their songs. In no time they were recognized as the most influential rock band. Their integration of classic components with other music was their greatest signature.

The Beatles have inspired a lot of people in the whole world. Their influence is noticed even by the fact that a question of any recognition of old music goes to them.

2.Led Zeppelin

Formed in London 1968,this rock band was formed by Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant (Vocal) and John Bonham.  Their music has rooted in many hearts all over the world to date. Their innovation,  success and influence has given them the recognition as the top rock bands the world has ever seen. Their ability to integrate every aspect of music in each and every song has given fans an amazing experience.  They pioneered stadium rock, you can see one of their live shows here.

3.The Rolling Stones

And here comes the the greatest result of Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Ian Stewart, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman.  Formed in 1962,their work is pure genius. Ranging their fame between 6o’s and 70’s, they are still one of the most influential rock bands of all times.

4.The WHO

In London in 1964 The Who started with members, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon .They are known for making some rock revolutions that are used even in other music to date. This British band has influenced the lives of many including other artists with their combined talent that has kept them on stage for around 50 years.Their innovations have motivated the lives of many.

5.The Doors

Not all classic rock bands originated from London.In the year 1965 Los Angeles, the American rock band’s members were Jim Morrison(vocalist), Ray Manzarek(keyboardist),Robby Krieger(guitarist)and John Densmore(drummer). They are mainly known for their unforgettable live performances.Their social relevance has made the band one of the most influential till today.

After listening to these classic rock bands’ music,you will get the common signature of this genre. Classic rock bands are the best at rocking the rock music world. The classics are unforgettable and that’s why they have lasted and will still last for generations.

Tammy Miller

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