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Tribute to The RAMM Band

Paul Mayasich and his band were very well received by the crowd
on Friday and I have a strong feeling that they have many new
fans. Paul was sporting his brand new white firebird guitar and
making it sing and the band was very very tight. I wish I had a buck
in my pocket from each person who came up and asked me about them
afterwards! It was the same thing later that evening at Stubbs bar
where they played to a packed house (and it was very hot on Friday!).

The Stubbs crowd was wide-eyed as they watched the band in awe, and it
was a very cool thing to see. Paul was playing hot, eyes closed with
the music flowing through him, the conduit, flowing out from fingers
to strings. When you watch Mayasich play, you know it’s not just a job
or a paycheck… he feels it as strongly as Stevie, Jimi, and so many
legends before him. You can see it and feel it. He was born with it
and is the real deal. Those of you living in his area are so fortunate
to have him around, he could be playing anywhere. Several people went
up to Toby Marshall’s Hammond to watch his hands as he was playing
that thing…and man Toby sure can play that thing! Toby, Toby, Toby!


John Wright turned in one of the most impressive bass solos
that I’ve ever heard that night and Jeff Rogers…he keeps perfect
time, pounding those skins with a smile and so much exuberance! There
is nothing like seeing a live band where all of the musicians are top
notch like this, and it was such a treat to be able to hear them in
our Mountains and in my home town watering hole. This band makes me
*feel it* every single time I hear them. And as if we didn’t already
know that Mayasich was all about the music…he proved it once more by
playing an amazing solo acoustic set on the festival’s busking stage.